Colorado School of Mines hosts the CMI Meeting at Mines, focused on early career researchers.

CMI Workforce Development

The Critical Materials Institute offers workforce development and education and outreach opportunities

The Critical Materials Institute offers opportunities in both workforce development and education and outreach.

Workforce Development: CMI encourages researchers at various points in their careers, including as early as their collegiate years through internship programs with universities, national laboratories or federal agencies. Many are profiled in CMI early career bios, and are summarized in CMI career development. In addition, CMI offers an annual meeting focused on graduate student and postdoctoral research presentations and posters. CMI created the Leadership Academy to provide its scientists with opportunities to hone leadership and management skills while networking and meeting Hub needs. Beginning in 2024, CMI is offering its own internships for workforce development

Education and Outreach: Critical Materials Institute offers a variety of educational opportunities through several partners, including the Colorado School of Mines and Iowa State University.  CMI offers webinars about once a month, featuring CMI researchers and experts from around the world.  CMI Lesson PlansResources for K-12 | CMI museum exhibit | CMI Outreach 2024

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For further information please contact:
Cynthia Howell
Research Faculty, Education, Training and Outreach
Phone: 303-273-3651

Early Career Researchers
Includes undergraduate and graduate students, interns and externs
Early career research presentations
through seven CMI Meeting at Mines
CMI Leadership Academy
Educational Toolkit
includes hands-on activities related to research-based educational lesson plans

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Did you know that CMI has produced more than 90 webinars?