Ames Laboatory scientists and colleagues at the University of Nebraska have discovered a potential tool to enhance magnetization and magnetic anisotropy, making it possible to improve the performance of samarium-cobalt magnets.  READ MORE

Emily Smith, professor of chemistry at Iowa State and an Ames Laboratory associate, will participate in a one-year AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences. Read More

An article by the Prozorov group was the 18th most-read article in Nature Communications. READ MORE

Newly published research from a team of scientists led by Ames Laboratory sheds more light on the nature of high-temperature iron-based superconductivity and the role of "pairing glue" in understanding, optimizing and controlling superconducting materials. Read More

Collaborating scientists at  Ames Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Princeton University have discovered a new layered ferromagnetic semiconductor, a rare type of material that holds great promise for next-generation electronic technologies. READ MORE

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