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Simulation, Modeling & Decision Science

The Simulation, Modeling, and Decision Science program (SMDS) at Ames Laboratory focuses on the development of the computational tools, algorithms, understandings, and strategies needed to analyze, understand, create, design, and build complex engineered, natural, or human systems.

The program's major projects include:

  • VE-Suite
  • osgAudio
  • osgBullet
  • osgWorks
Program director Dr. Mark Bryden heads the Virtual Engineering Research Laboratory within the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University. The Virtual Engineering Research Laboratory focuses on integration of information technologies and cognition into the engineering process to support decision making for and the realization of complex systems.


Doug McCorkle and Mark Bryden discuss a wireframe model on a 10 million pixel multi-screen  visualization interface.


Doug McCorkle and Mark Bryden view a screen wall used for simulations.