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On May 30, Ames Laboratory hosted a workshop with representatives from other National Laboratories and scientists from around the country to discuss opportunities for single-crystal neutron diffraction studies of quantum materials under pressure – an area of expertise for Ames Laboratory. READ MORE

We're in the June issue of Popular Mechanics! Great image of ALNICO powder-- an iron alloy containing aluminum, nickel, and cobalt-- suspended in a directional magnetic field device called a Halbach array.

A first-of-its-kind copper and graphite combination discovered in basic energy research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory could have implications for improving the energy efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, which include these components. READ MORE

Ames Laboratory runners -- and walkers -- bolt from the starting line for the innaugural Ames Lab DOE Mile Run on Tuesday, May 1. Eli Chandler (front right, white shirt) had the winning time of 5:31.

 Our research to improve refrigeration technology through caloric cooling, CaloriCool, is on the current cover of MRS Bulletin! Vitalij Pecharsky, CaloriCool director and Ames Laboratory scientist, is one of the guest editors of the issue and Ames Laboratory scientist Jun Cui is also a contributor in the issue. To access the issue, click HERE.