Mission, Vision, and Values

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Our Mission:

Deliver critical materials solutions to the nation

Ames Laboratory creates materials, inspires minds to solve problems, and addresses global challenges. We conduct fundamental and applied research that helps the world to better understand fundamentals of chemistry, physics, and materials science. We translate that knowledge into new and unique materials, processes, and technologies that advance the nation’s energy and economic competitiveness, and enhance national security.

Our Vision:

Lead the nation in translating foundational science for energy and chemical conversion into critical technology innovation

Our Strategic Directions: 

Discovery for a Sustainable Future

Making Every Atom Count

Innovating for Science and Industry

Our Core Values:

We are recognized for world-class research, nurturing excellence in science, education and people.

Our people are the core of our success.

We demonstrate that safety and world-class research go hand in hand.

We inspire future generations by exciting them about science.

We adapt with agility to new opportunities and the changing needs of society.

We link fundamental science of matter with application to create technological innovation.

We are singularly focused on applying a multidisciplinary approach to the discovery, design and invention of new materials. We foster collaboration globally.