CMI Membership

Critical Materials Institute partners are companies, universities and national laboratories that join as Team Members, Affiliates and Sponsored Research Partners.


CMI Membership mode chart


CMI Team Member: CMI Team members have research subcontracts from CMI or are providing cost sharing funds. Requirements include specific research project deliverables within the entity's areas of expertise, based on a scope of work and a negotiated budget, including cost-share as applicable, as approved by the CMI Director. This level of participation is required to sign CMI's Member Agreement, which includes both a non-disclosure agreement and intellectual property management plan (IPMP).

CMI Affiliates: CMI Affiliates will be informed about CMI research outcomes and provide input to CMI. Affiliates pay a modest fee based on the organization type, and sign the CMI Affiliates Member Agreement.

CMI Affiliates may become Team members or sponsor research in other ways with different levels of financial commitment and ownership of intellectual property.

CMI Sponsored Research Partners: CMI Sponsored Research Partners may use the unique capabilities and expertise of CMI via DOE-approved contractual mechanisms, such as a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) or a Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) agreement.

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