CMI Affiliates

CMI Affiliates pay an annual membership fee, based on the organization size and type, and sign a membership agreement. 

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CMI Affiliates are companies and organizations interested in being informed about CMI research outcomes and providing input to CMI on a continuing basis. Each Affiliate pays an annual membership fee, based on the organization size and type, and signs a Membership Agreement. 

Foreign entities must be approved for membership by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Affiliates Fees

The annual Affiliates fee is based on size of organization and level of membership:

  • $500 per year for Universities, FFRDCs, Non-profits, Small Business (defined as a business with fewer than 20 employees)
  • $2,500 per year for other entities
  • No fee for Federal agencies, providing member benefits to staff who are government employees (not contractors)

CMI Affiliates

  • Industry: American Battery Metals Corporation, Center for Automotive Research, CHC Rare Earths, Critical Materials Corporation, Emerson Electric, Energy Fuels Resources USA, EnergyX, Indium, Lixivia, MagnetoDynamics, Mannahatta, Material Alchemy, MC Technologies, Nth Cycle, Ocean Minerals, P2PTechnologies, Phinix, Phoenix Tailings, Pinzon Metals, ProChem, Inc., Ramaco Carbon, Seagate Technology, Southern Company Services, Terves, Inc., Ucore Rare Metals, Urbix and Wyonics
  • University: University of Kentucky and University of North Dakota
  • Consortia, government and other: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), iNEMI, JCDREAM, NASA and NETL

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