CMI Webinars

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CMI offers webinars about critical materials at no charge. Registration is required to obtain a link to view webinars at the time they are given.

The CMI webinar on June 16 is scheduled to be presented by Julienne Krennrich, Innovation Partnerships Program Director for Ames Laboratory, and Ellen Coopersmith, President of Decision Frameworks, on "Strategic Opportunity Framing for Technology Commercialization" link to register

CMI has offered more than 60 webinars. Most were open to the public and recordings are available. 

Recent webinars:

  • George Guthrie, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "The Intersection between a CO2 Economy and Critical Materials: Los Alamos's R&D Portfolio in Critical Materials," link to webinar
  • Fei Zhou, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Ming Tang, Rice University, "Machine learning for microstructure modeling: a data driven pathway," link to webinar
  • Marty Weems, Western Rare Earths, discussed "Emerging Rare Earths Projects with Western Rare Earths" link to webinar
  • Peter Afiuny, neodymium magnets at the heart of electrification link to webinar
  • James Litinsky and Michael Rosenthal, founders of MP Materials, update on the company link to webinar
  • Marilu Perez Garcia, Ames Laboratory, "A new path forward: Using machine learning to design ligands with predetermined selectivity." link to webinar
  • Jeremy Rickli, Wayne State University, "Advanced Automated Electric Machine Dismantling with Collaborative Robotics." link to webinar

Technology Transfer/Partnering

  • Bruce A. Moyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "The Role of Research in Technology Maturation: Perspectives from a Researcher, Technology Developer, and Research Portfolio Manager," link to webinar
  • Julienne Krennrich and Stacy Joiner, Ames Laboratory, "Working Models for Participation with CMI," link to webinar 
  • Craig Forney from Iowa State University and Stacy Joiner and Ikenna Nlebedim from Ames Laboratory, "Resource Sustainability for Rare Earth Materials via Efficient Recycling Technology," link to webinar
  • Hans Smit of Ocean Minerals, a CMI Affiliate, "Ocean Minerals Overview" link to webinar
  • Zarko Meseldzija of American Managanese, a CMI Team member, "Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Material Recycling" link to webinar
  • Aaron Feaver, director of the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM), discussed the progress and outlook for this new, first of its kind organization in Washington state. link to webinar
  • Miki Oljaca, Koura, discussed fluorine and lithium, which are critical elements in the production of battery electrolytes. link to webinar


  • Yongqin Jiao, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "Development of a Biosorption Process for Recovery of Rare Earth Metals," link to webinar 
  • David Reed, Idaho National Laboratory, "Biorecovery of Critical Materials: Sustainable Solutions for the 21st Century," link to webinar
  • Alessandra Hool, ESM Foundation, "Critical Raw Materials: Current Challenges in Europe and Beyond," link to webinar
  • Linda Gaines, Argonne National Laboratory, "Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Research at the ReCell Center," link to webinar
  • Gwendolyn Bailey, KU Leuven, "Toward a Rare Earth Industry Environmental Footprint," link to webinar
  • Luis Diaz, Idaho National Laboratory, "Recycling of Critical Elements from Lithium Ion Batteries," link to webinar
  • Bill Olson at ASM, Carol Handwerker at Purdue University and Joanne Larson at Seagate, "Creating a Circular Economy for Hard Disk Drives," link to webinar 
  • Tedd Lister, Idaho National Laboratory, "Electrochemical Recovery Constituents of Value (E-RECOV), Development and Future," link to webinar
  • Tim McIntyre, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Rare Earth Magnet Recovery and Reuse from Computer Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)," link to webinar
  • Yongquin Jiao and Dan Park, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "The Use of Bioengineered Microbes for Rare Earth Extraction," link to webinar
  • David Reed, Idaho National Laboratory, "Recycling of Rare Earth Elements: A Microbiological Approach," link to webinar
  • Carol Handwerker of Purdue University and William Olson of Seagate Technologies, "Creating a Circular Economy for Hard Disk Drives: A Shared Vision," link to webinar


  • Durga Paudyal, Ames Laboratory, "Prediction of Reduced Rare Earth Permanent Magnets from Theory and Computation," link to webinar
  • David S. Parker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "New High-Performance Magnets: What Can Theory Tell Us?" link to webinar
  • John Ormerod, Magnet Applications, Inc., "Rare Earth Magnets: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," link to webinar
  • Scott McCall, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "Exchange Spring Magnets: An Approach to Higher Energy Density Magnets," link to webinar
  • Vladimir Antropov, Ames Laboratory, "Multiscale Modeling and Prediction of New Magnets, or How a Combination of Classical and Quantum Physics Can Help Us," link to webinar


  • Zachary Sims, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Recent Advances in Aluminum-Cerium Alloys," link to webinar
  • Sheng Dai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Rare Earth Electrodeposition: Novel Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid Systems," link to webinar 
  • M. Parans Paranthaman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, “Lithium Extraction from Geothermal Brine Solution,” link to webinar 
  • Theresa Windus and Benjamin Hay, "Computational Tools for Molecular Design," link to webinar
  • Bruce Moyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Challenges in Diversifying Supply of Critical Materials," link to webinar
  • Patrick Zhang, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute, "Critical Elements in Phosphate Ore: Recovery of Rare Earths and Uranium from Florida Phosphate Ore Processing," link to webinar

Crosscutting Research

  • CMI webinar series focused on optimizing the economic performance of CMI technologies.
    • Fu Zhao at Purdue University, “Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)," link to webinar
    • Hongyue Jin at University of Arizona, and Sidi Deng at Purdue university, "A Tutorial for Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA)," link to webinar
    • John Sutherland at Purdue University, "Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE)," link to webinar
  • Fei Zhou, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "Machine Learning Techniques for Alloy Modeling," link to webinar
  • John Collins, Idaho National Laboratory, "Roadmapping the Path to Technical and Commercial Success," link to webinar
  • Yoshiko Fujita of Idaho National Laboratory and Paul Kim of Rutgers, "Capabilities of Thermodynamic Analysis and Evaluation of Environmental Impacts," link to webinar
  • Jason Pries, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Electric Motor Research at ORNL: A Material Perspective," link to webinar
  • John Sutherland on "Techno-Economic Analysis of Value Recovery Opportunities from End-of-Life Products," link to webinar
  • Ryan Ott, Ames Laboratory, "High-Throughput Material Science for Critical Materials Research," link to webinar
  • Parans Paranthaman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Additive Manufacturing of NdFeB Magnets," link to webinar