CMI filtration test equipment at Idaho National Laboratory

CMI Unique Facility: Filtration Test Facility

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The Filtration Test Facility is one of more than a dozen unique facilities developed by the Critical Materials Institute, an Energy Innovation Hub of the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • The chemical separation of materials is often water-intensive. It is important to establish filtration methods that are both efficient and environmentally sound. Mineral processing streams are particularly challenging because of their highly abrasive solids contents and delicate filtration media are often protected by stainless steel screens.
  • CMI has established a facility at Idaho National Laboratory that is customizable for testing both flat sheet and tubular stainless steel (SS) membranes and is able to handle abrasive high-solids streams.
    • The system is capable of using small samples sizes (3 – 10 liters) and temperatures up to 80°C, consistent with typical industrial processes.
    • It allows researchers to test different filtration media and cell designs, assessing the effectiveness of different pore sizes and surface coatings.
  • This facility primarily supports the efforts of diversifying supply and reuse and recycling, and it addresses the grand challenge of developing technologies for separating the rare earth elements.
  • For more information, and to explore using the filtration test facility, please contact John Klaehn at Idaho National Laboratory, 208-526-5238.
CMI filtration test equipment at Idaho National Laboratory