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To enable innovation in U.S. manufacturing and to enhance U.S. energy security, CMI develops, demonstrates, and deploys clean energy technology. To direct research in a way that minimizes time from discovery to deployment, the CMI team includes both research and industrial partners. Together they produce timely, relevant, and marketable scientific discoveries that alleviate the potential supply chain risks of critical materials. 

CMI conducts research in four focus areas: Enhancing and Diversifying Supply, Developing Substitutes, Building a Circular Economy, and Crosscutting Research

Since CMI's inception, its researchers have published more than 650 scientific papers in scholarly journals. New in 2024, a Bibliometric Analysis of CMI Hub Publications 2013-2022 is available.

CMI prepared a technical report summarizing the first 10 years of the Energy Innovation Hub, which is available online at the DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information:

Invention disclosures highlight areas where research may lead to a patent and licensing of a technology or progress.  CMI researchers have created many invention disclosures and filed dozens of patent applications, with four dozen patents issued. New in 2024, a technical report on the CMI Patent Portfolio is available. CMI researchers also have created half a dozen open source programs.