Magnetoelasticity of Fe100-xGex(5 < x < 18) Single Crystals From 81 K to 300 K

TitleMagnetoelasticity of Fe100-xGex(5 < x < 18) Single Crystals From 81 K to 300 K
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPetculescu G, LeBlanc JB, Wun-Fogle M, Restorff JB, Burton WC, Cao JX, Wu RQ, Yuhasz WM, Lograsso TA, Clark AE
Journal TitleIeee Transactions on Magnetics
Date Published10/01
ISBN Number0018-9464
Accession NumberISI:000270149700190
Keywordsalloys, constants, elastic constants, gallium alloys, germanium alloys, iron alloys, magnetoelasticity, magnetostriction, surfaces

Temperature dependent magnetoelastic properties of Fe100-xGex(5 < x < 18) single crystals have been measured. Tetragonal magnetostriction (3/2)lambda(100) measurements at x = 5.7, 12.1, 14.9, and 17.7 were performed between 78 K and 426 K and resonant ultrasound spectroscopy measurements were used to determine the shear elastic constant c' from 5 K to 300 K for x = 6.4, 7.2, 10.8, 14.6, 17.7, and 17.9. A clear distinction was observed between the temperature dependencies of lambda(100) for the A2 and D0(3) phases of Fe100-xGex. The elastic constant c' displays a monotonic decrease with concentration through the different phases (6 < x < 18) and at all temperatures. Experimental values of the tetragonal magnetoelastic coupling constant -b(1) at 81 K were remarkably consistent with theoretical values determined by density functional calculations at 0 K.

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