Unconventional pairing in the iron arsenide superconductors

TitleUnconventional pairing in the iron arsenide superconductors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFernandes RM, Pratt DK, Tian W, Zarestky J, Kreyssig A, Nandi S, Kim MG, Thaler A, Ni N, Canfield PC, McQueeney RJ, Schmalian J, Goldman AI
Journal TitlePhysical Review B
Date Published04/01
ISBN Number1098-0121
Accession NumberISI:000277210200020
Keywordscuprate superconductors, pnictides, state, symmetry

We use magnetic long-range order as a tool to probe the Cooper-pair wave function in the iron arsenide superconductors. We show theoretically that antiferromagnetism and superconductivity can coexist in these materials only if Cooper pairs form an unconventional, sign-changing state. The observation of coexistence in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 then demonstrates unconventional pairing in this material. The detailed agreement between theory and neutron-diffraction experiments, in particular, for the unusual behavior of the magnetic order below T-c, demonstrates the robustness of our conclusions. Our findings strongly suggest that superconductivity is unconventional in all members of the iron arsenide family.

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