Superconducting and normal state properties of carbon doped and neutron irradiated MgB2

TitleSuperconducting and normal state properties of carbon doped and neutron irradiated MgB2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWilke RHT, Samuely P, Szabo P, Holanova Z, Bud'ko SL, Canfield PC, Finnemore DK
Journal TitlePhysica C-Superconductivity and Its Applications
Date PublishedJun
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number0921-4534
Accession NumberISI:000247489700013
Keywordscarbon doping, chemistry, CRITICAL-FIELD, ENHANCEMENT, MAGNESIUM DIBORIDE, mgb2, neutron irradiation, powders, scattering, temperature, thin-films

Current research in MgB2 focuses on the effects various types of perturbations have on the superconducting properties of this novel two-gap superconductor. In this article we summarize the effects of carbon doping and neutron irradiation in bulk MgB2. Low levels of carbon doping and light neutron irradiation result in significant enhancements in H-c2. At high fluences, where superconductivity is nearly fully suppressed, superconductivity can be restored through post exposure annealing. However, this results in a change in the interdependencies of the normal state and superconducting properties (p(0), T-c, H-c2), with little or no enhancement in H-c2 .(c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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