Aluminum-Cerium-Magnesium-Silicon alloy with voids

Thermodynamic informed Al-Ce alloy development for Advanced Manufacturing (AM)

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Al-Ce-Mg-Si alloy image and graphs
Al-Ce-Mg-Si alloy cast with voids (top), experimental freezing ranges (middle), CALPHAD computed isopleth (bottom). 

CMI scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory led this research.


An Al-3.5Ce-0.4Mg-7Si alloy with improved casting and mechanical properties was developed with CALPHAD 

Significance and Impact:

  • Collaboration with Eck Industries and ORNL resulted in a new alloy composition
  • Freezing ranges were computationally optimized to alloy for Additive Manufacturing (AM) conditions
  • An ROI and publication is underway

Details and Next Steps:

  • Established a feedback loop between the partnership
  • Determined composition ranges by empirical relationships
  • Performed casting experiments 
  • Thermodynamic calculations aided in optimizing freezing ranges for Ce modified A-356 alloys
  • Additional Ce-modified Al alloy compositions are to be defined and included in a non-provisional patent filing