Commercialization of Cerium-based gap magnets–TCF Award

CMI researchers at Ames Laboratory and the Materials Preparation Center conducted the research for this highlight

Develop commercial product with industrial partner to scale up, use injection molding cerium-based magnets for automotive sensors and auxiliary motors

Partner with U.S. magnet manufacturer BUNTING-DuBois with 50% cost share) to test and adopt CMI technology for cerium-based gap magnets.
Office of Technology Transfer (DOE-OTT) awarded Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) $85,000 for feasibility study.

Significance and Impact
A successful feasibility study will transform existing bonded magnet industries for automotive, sensor, and medical devices by offering better performance and domestically accessible, process-effective alternatives.

Hub Target Addressed 
Win industry adoption of three technologies related to materials substitution for rare earth magnet materials.