CMI summer internship leads to employment with Tesla

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Ethan Woodbury
Ethan Woodbury

CMI researchers at Idaho National Laboratory were involved with this highlight

Ethan Woodbury was recently hired as a full-time Cell Engineer at Tesla after graduating from UC Berkeley in May 2020. He interned under Ruby Nguyen at INL in the summer of 2018, where he worked on modeling the growth in critical material demand due to electric vehicle batteries for CMI.

Significance and impact
Ethan’s INL internship was a key experience in his career development, as it was his first professional experience with critical materials and energy storage. With his interest and knowledge from INL, he pursued additional opportunities in battery materials, and his successful career trajectory demonstrates CMI’s contribution to the critical material workforce.

Details and next steps
Ethan is currently on the Cell Manufacturing Team at Tesla, where he is helping to commercialize a novel cell design for electric vehicles and energy products. Specifically, he is working to build a data infrastructure for process control and cell performance analysis that will support the rapid scale-up of cell manufacturing.