Predicting mechanical performance of Sm-Co magnets

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Predicting mechanical performance of Sm-Co magnets

This CMI-funded research was conducted at Ames Laboratory 

Method for predicting the mechanical performance of Sm-Co magnets has been developed using multi-scale, multi-physics modeling, including finite element analysis. We found changes in failure modes depending on the type of microstructure

Significance and Impact:

  • Confirms mechanical properties of Sm-Co can depend on microstructural architecture
  • Reveals why mechanical properties change with microstructure and how microstructural engineering can be applied to design more mechanically robust Sm-Co magnets
  • CMI results expand the manufacture and application of Sm-Co magnets for large external loading applications (e.g., high rpm motors)

Details and Next Steps:

  • One next step is to extend the 2D model to 3D
  • Move from randomly distributed grains to other microstructural architectures, taking into consideration manufacturability