Origin of large magnetic anisotropy in 4f-electron-free “1-5” materials 

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chemical diagram shows physical structure of  YCo5
Physical structure of  YCo5

CMI researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducted the research for this highlight

The large magnetic anisotropy in 4f-electron free materials such as YCo5 and LaCo5 is found to arise from Fermi-level flat bands originating in the Cobalt Kagome lattice.

Identification of structural basis of desired behavior may point way for discovery of Kagome-lattice Iron-based materials with similar character.

Significance and impact
Determining the origin of these magnetic anisotropies exceeding those of Nd2Fe14B may yield a pathway towards new critical rare-earth free magnets.

Hub Target Addressed
Development of new reduced-criticality permanent magnets.

G.D. Samolyuk, K. Belaschenko, and D.S. Parker, in preparation. 

line graph shows calculated band structure of  YCo5; Fermi level indicated – note associated flat bands. 
Calculated band structure of  YCo5; Fermi level indicated – note associated flat bands.