Next-generation technology demonstrated for REE separations

diagram shows steps in a process
Process scheme (left) and crystallization products (right).

CMI researchers at Ames National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory conducted the research for this highlight

This work presents dimethyl ether-driven fractional crystallization (DME-FC) for energy- and reagent-efficient separations of transition metal and rare earth element salts from acid-free leachates of magnet swarf.

Reduction in energy and chemical requirements for processing of critical material feedstocks.

Significance and Impact

  • Dissemination of high-impact CMI research in recycling and reuse technologies.
  • Example of intra-Hub collaboration between projects.

Hub Target Addressed 
Highly selective separation from complex sources.

Stetson, C. et al. (2022). Solvent-driven fractional crystallization for atom-efficient separation of metal salts from permanent magnet leachates. Nature Communications, 13(1), 1-9.