Manufacturing process for permanent magnet review articles

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CMI researchers at Ames Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducted the activity for this highlight

These first review articles summarize all magnet making technologies, from the classic casting, sintering, and bonding, to new techniques such as 3D printing and far-from-equilibrium shock compaction.   

Two comprehensive review articles on manufacturing processes for permanent magnets were accepted by JOM. Collaborative effort of  11 CMI researchers in the Developing Substitutes focus area.

Significance and impact
These publications will become valuable references for enhancing the country’s magnet manufacturing capacity, particularly for sintered Neo (see recent MP Materials – General Motors agreement). Some novel techniques reviewed here may enable the fabrication of new CMI magnet materials in bulk. 

Hub Goal Addressed 
Establish technology base for U.S. re-establishment of sintered Neo capability.