In-situ alignment of filament-based 3D printed magnets

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This CMI research was conducted at Ames Laboratory. 

Demonstrated ability to perform in-situ alignment of magnetic materials in polymer-based bonded magnets during 3D printing

Significance and impact:

  • Applies intense magnetic field during 3D printing which results in alignment of magnet particles
  • Designed as an integrated attachment to existing 3D additive manufacturing printers and controlled through the printer’s motor and position controls
  • Electromagnetic field source enables control of magnetic field via current control during 3D printing
  • Eliminates risk of thermal demagnetization if permanent magnets were used to provide the in-situ field

Details and Next Steps:

  • Increase loading fraction of magnet powder and, thus, better performing bonded magnets
  • Extend to other magnet materials (e.g., Nd-Fe-B)
    electromagnet 3d printer

    Additively printed bonded magnet performance enhancement with in-situ magnetic alignment