High-performance, critical-element-free permanent magnets

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CMI scientists at Ames Laboratory conducted this research.


  • Formation of the L10 phase of FeNi confirmed using powder diffraction through mail-in program at APS
  • Reproducible and scalable yields of ordered tetragonal t-FeNiN have been increased from 5% to 98%

Significance and Impact:

  • Meteorites suggest that Fe and Ni crystallizing in a tetragonal (L10) structure exhibit large anisotropy field and supports (BH)max exceeding 40 MGOe
  • Path identified toward a new, high-performance, rare earth-free, low-cost permanent magnet material, with potential to broadly penetrate multiple markets

Next Steps:

  • Gas-solid redox cycling to demonstrate full conversion of precursors into L10-FeNi
  • Optimize conditions for quantitative conversion of t-FeNiN to L10-FeNi
  • Optimize PM properties (chemistry, microstructure, compaction); scale-up to 10/100 g yields of L10 FeNi