Heterogeneous grain engineering overcomes mechanical fragility in Sm-Co magnets A

Cluster bi-modal (two grain sizes) magnet
Cluster bi-modal (two grain sizes) magnet

CMI researchers at Ames Laboratory collaborated with industry Team member Energy electron Corporation for the research for this highlight

The flexural strength of Sm2Co17 sintered magnets was improved by up to 73% with minimal impact on their magnetic properties. 

Significance and impact
Improves machinability, reduces part failure rate, more effectively uses critical materials (~40% improvement).
Enables new sizes and shapes for new applications.
Enables increasing the energy product (BH)max beyond its current limit of 34 MGOe.

Details and next steps
Next steps are to optimize microstructures and push (BH)max beyond its current limit with enhanced mechanical strength.

Enhanced flexural strength in cluster bi-modal magnets
Enhanced flexural strength in cluster bi-modal magnets