Electromagnet core design enable printed anisotropic magnets

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Model of magnetic flux distribution within core and nozzle

This CMI-funded research was conducted at Ames Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Designed an electromagnet core to produce field for in-situ alignment of 3D printed magnets in BAAM. It is promising for application in accelerated prototyping of anisotropic magnets

Significance and Impact:

  • Applying field during additive manufacturing of bonded magnets helps achieve anisotropic bonded magnets with higher energy product
  • In-printing alignment eliminates the current practice of post-printing alignment thereby
  • maximizing the benefits and efficiency of 3D printing of anisotropic permanent magnets production
  • Analysis of field indicates potential for bi-directional magnetization using a different geometry
geometry of novel electromagnet core

Details and Next Steps:
Coupled fluid and electromagnetic models predict drag forces under applied field
Work with experimental efforts for accelerated prototype development

lateral magnetic field profile across nozzle