Discovery of new high Curie temperature ferromagnets from database analysis

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CMI highlight 273, March 2021
Characterized compounds in specific structure types always show ferromagnetic ordering. We chose compounds with previously unknown magnetic properties to discover new ferromagnets.

CMI researchers at University of California, Davis, conducted the research for this highlight

Systematic compilation of Curie and Neél temperatures of Co-based compounds. Development of a statistical procedure analyzing different structure types to predict new ferromagnetic compounds. Experimental discovery of two new such compounds from this procedure, TaCo2Ga and La6Co13Bi, with respective Curie temperatures of 300 K and 550 K.

Significance and impact
The construction of a database of experimental ferromagnetic properties, and method for finding new materials, accelerates the identification of promising materials.

Details and Next Steps
Develop procedure to confidently predict permanent magnet materials. Extend analysis to Fe, Mn, and Ni compounds.