Degree of alignment determined for anisotropic bonded magnets

graph showing degree of alignment determined for anisotropic bonded magnets
Dependence of magnetic properties on volume fraction of magfine Nd-Fe-B nylon/PPS magnets; Nd-Fe-B Nylon (solid symbol)- and PPS (open symbol)- bonded magnets: (a) Magnetic remanence; (b) Magnetic remanence ratio; (c) Intrinsic (circle) and inductive (triangle) coercivity; and (d) Maximum energy product.

CMI researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Ames Laboratory conducted the research for this highlight


Degree of alignment study yields high performance bonded NdFeB magnets These findings will aid injection and compression molding and additive manufacturing techniques.

Significance and impact

  • Correlation between the degree of alignment and the volumetric filling fraction of magnetic powder, type of binder and processing parameters have been determined.
  • 75 vol% of NdFeB magnet powders have been successfully loaded in PPS binders.
  • Good alignment is achieved by an alignment field twice the coercivity in an anisotropic NdFeB bonded magnet.


This work will be extended to additively manufactured NdFeB bonded magnets.