CMI trains students in critical materials research at Ames

image of five people in a research laboratory
CMI research at Ames National Laboratory on transformative rare earth recovery is training students in critical materials research. From left: Postdoc Lun An, CMI Project Lead Long Qi, SULI researcher Tatum Englund, undergraduate researcher Hailey Bates, and former SULI/undergraduate researcher Tyler Hall.

CMI researchers at Ames National Laboratory conducted the research for this highlight

Several undergraduate researchers and a postdoc work with a new CMI project at Ames National Laboratory.

The Critical Materials Institute offers professional development opportunities to help train America’s future workforce. Student and postdoc researchers at Ames National Laboratory are part of a network of CMI trained researchers that are building upon their expertise to develop solutions for critical materials challenges at U.S. national laboratories.

Significance and Impact

  • Tatum Englund, undergraduate in industrial engineering, worked with Raman spectroscopy during a SULI experience summer 2022.
  • Tyler Hall, undergraduate in material engineering, worked with self-developed Rxn Rover software to automate reactors for chemical synthesis.

Hub Goal Addressed
Providing the leaders, technical experts and skilled professionals needed by U.S. industry to assure its supply chains.