CMI-developed Al-Ce alloys featured on the cover of a high-impact journal

CMI’s Al-Ce research on major journal cover

CMI scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory and Eck Industries Inc. contributed to this research.


A paper on CMI-developed Al-Ce alloys is featured on the cover of the high-impact journal Materials Horizons.

Significance and Impact:

This journal is unusually selective, with an impact factor above 11, making it one of the most highly-cited journals in the field. This provides an unusual level of visibility in the scientific community.

Research Details:

  • Neutron scattering reveals effective load transfer between soft and hard phases.
  • Thermodynamic mechanisms explain the alloy’s unusual high-temperature stability.
  • The work heralds a new class of aluminum alloys with wide-ranging applications.

Materials Horizons 4 (2017) 1070-1078, doi:10.1039/c7mh00391a