CMI researcher honored by TMS

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CMI researchers at Ames National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory conducted the activity for this highlight

CMI researcher Matthew Kramer’s impact on the fields of magnetic materials and critical materials research were recognized at TMS “Magnetics and Critical Materials Challenge” Symposium.

CMI researchers organized the symposium at the TMS 2022 Annual Meeting to highlight the world-leading research of numerous CMI team members and included active international participation.

Significance and Impact

  • CMI is leading the nation in addressing Critical Materials Challenges by leveraging the expertise of world-leading researchers and this talent is recognized well recognized internationally.
  • Matt Kramer brings over 30 years of research expertise to address critical materials challenges in magnetic materials.
  • The honorary symposium served as an opportunity to honor Matt for his contributions and scientistic achievements.

Hub Goal Addressed
CMI sharing its expertise with the larger scientific community and inspiring future leaders.

Image of Matt Kramer presenting the plenary talk at a TMS Symposium on Critical Materials in his honor.