CMI outreach tools used for “My Amazing Future”

image of two people standing at head of table surrounded by middle school girls
CMI researchers use the CMI education and outreach toolkit for “My Amazing Future” event for eighth grade girls, held at Idaho National Laboratory on April 4, 2024

CMI researchers from Idaho National Laboratory conducted the activity for this highlight

CMI researchers used the CMI education toolkit and supply chain models for the “My Amazing Future” event targeting eighth grade girls at Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Significance and Impact

  • On April 4 at INL, CMI researchers Yuan-Yuan Lee and Mike Severson a “Simulation for All” to eighth grade girls from schools throughout the greater Eastern Idaho area. 
  • They demonstrated the value of building simulation models to solve complex, real-world problems. Students learned about critical materials and their importance to clean energy deployment.  
  • Students had hands-on experience with products containing critical materials, including permanent magnets, hard disk drives and cell phones as part of the CMI education toolkit. They also ‘drove’ the model and tested different what-if scenarios.

Hub Target Addressed 
CMI trains the critical materials workforce of the future.