CMI graduate student at Mines to join energy industry

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image of head and shoulders of man, Yamah Nabiyar, Colorado School of Mines
Yamah Nabiyar, Colorado School of Mines

CMI researchers at Colorado School of Mines conducted the research for this highlight

Mines graduate student trained, graduated and hired by industry.

Yamah Nabiyar earned a masters degree in Mineral & Energy Economics from Colorado School of Mines in May 2022 and has been hired by East Daley Analytics of Greenwood Village, Colorado. The company assesses operational risk across the energy value chain. 

Significance and Impact
From August 2020 to May 2022, Nabiyar studied with CMI Deputy Director Rod Eggert. Also, since January 2021, he has worked with CMI Workforce Development Manager Cynthia Howell in education and outreach, including working with underserved populations through the Rocky Mountain-MESA group, researching and developing teacher education materials with teacher researcher Danielle Ladd, and researching/updating graphics for the CMI exhibit at the Colorado School of Mines Museum of Earth Science.

Hub Target Addressed 
Developing the critical materials workforce of the future.

image of three people standing in museum exhibit
Yamah Nabiyar (center) reviews the interactive monitor in the CMI exhibit at Colorado School of Mines Museum of Earth Science.