Applicability of less-critical Sm-Fe-N magnets in motors

CMI researchers from Ames National Laboratory conducted the activity for this highlight

An accurate motor designing tool is developed to determine the most suitable motor for less critical SM-Fe-N magnets. The design shows comparable (even improved) performance with Sm-Fe-N magnet against the Nd-Fe-B magnet motor.

The matched rated performance can be obtained with Sm-Fe-N magnets with the improved efficiency. 
The over all mass and volume of the motor is lower than the original Nd-Fe-B magnet motor.

Significance and impact
The identification of suitable designs for reduced/less critical RE magnet usage in PM machines is a very essential step towards the addressing the criticality and potential supply disruptions. 

Hub Goal Addressed
Reduction of critical RE magnets usage in PM motors.

(a) Original and optimized machine size and form factor
(a) Original and optimized machine size and form factor
(b) Torque waveform
(b) Torque waveform 
table shows data to compare two motors
(c) Comparison of both motors