2024 US-UK Bilateral Critical Minerals R&D Workshop

CMI leaders conducted the activity for this highlight

The first UK-US bilateral workshop was held in Chicago, February 29-March 1, 2024.  


  • The workshop co-organized by Kyle Dolan (Innovate UK) and Tom Lograsso, brought together 40 scientists and innovators from academia, industry, national laboratories to build transatlantic collaborations. 
  • Sessions included from extraction, magnet manufacturing and recycling/recovery of critical materials. A panel discussion on led by Bob Fox (INL) focused on factors affecting commercialization.

Significance and Impact
The workshop identified several opportunities for collaboration including data sharing and harmonization to support criticality and economic analyses, technical cooperation on several topics. Next steps would be to convene more in-depth discussions along these topics. 

Hub Target Addressed
Building international efforts on critical materials between allied nations.

group of people standing by statues of elephants
The Critical Minerals R&D Workshop, organized by the UK Science & Innovation Network and Critical Materials Innovation Hub, and hosted at the historic Chicago Field Museum, gathered a trunk-load of insights! 

The US delegation included CMI leadership David Parker (ORNL), Yoshiko Fujita (INL), Hongyue Jin (U. AZ) and researchers Parans Paranthanam (ORNL) and Lionel Toba (INL) as well as researchers from the ReCell Center and other researchers from Argonne National Laboratory.