Meet CMI Student Mary Case

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photo of poster winners at 2017 CMI Winter Meeting
Mary Case, second from left, was a poster winner at the 2017 CMI Winter Meeting at Mines

Mary Case is a doctoral candidate at the University of Idaho who interned at Idaho National Laboratory. She will be graduating with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Idaho. Once she completes her degree, she hopes to become a research scientist at a national laboratory.

In describing her internship experience, she said: “Working at INL in the internship program on a CMI project has done a lot to help prepare me for my future career. I have gained skills and knowledge that are diverse from what is learned in the university. I have also been able to network extensively within INL, within CMI, and also at several conferences. Without the internship program and my mentors, Robert Fox and Donna Baek at INL, I wouldn't have had these opportunities to expand my skills, knowledge, and network.” 

Mary was a poster winner at the 2017 CMI winter meeting for her presentation of “Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Chloride Media with Terabutyldiglycolamide in 1-octonal and Liquid CO2.”