poster winners at CMI 2017 winter meeting

Meet CMI Student Hunter Sceats

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Hunter Sceats was a student researcher for CMI at Colorado School of Mines. In 2017, he was a poster presentation winner at the CMI Winter Meeting.

Sceats worked with CMI while pursuing his doctorate at Colorado School of Mines in Extractive Metallurgy. Now, he is at Vanderbilt University, in the Medical Innovators Development Program.

"This program takes engineers from a variety of backgrounds and exposes them to the clinical environment, challenging them to develop innovative solutions to outstanding problems in the fields of medicine and surgery," Sceats explains. "It has been a great opportunity to take some of my background in metallurgical engineering and apply it to related but distinct problems in a separate field."

Learn more about the MiDP program in a 3-minute video LINK

poster winners at CMI 2017 winter meeting