Meet CMI Researcher Eric Schwegler

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CMI focus area leader Eric SchweglerCMI researcher Eric Schwegler is the leader for Focus Area 4, Crosscutting Research. Previously he served as Deputy Lead for Focus Area 4 and the Thrust Lead for Enabling Science.

Eric received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1998 from the University of Minnesota, following undergraduate degrees in computer science and chemistry from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. His thesis research was focused on the development of linear scaling electronic structure theory.

In 1998, Eric joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher.  In 2005, he was appointed as the Quantum Simulations Group Leader in the Condensed Matter and Materials Division.

At Livermore Eric’s research is focused on the use of computational methods to understand and predict the properties of a wide range of materials and systems, including semiconductor-water interfaces, battery electrode materials, metallic alloys, liquids and solids under high pressure and temperature, nano-confined fluids, and the aqueous solvation of ions and molecules.

Also, Eric is a scientific adviser for Material Alchemy, Translating Science into Commercial Products that use Sustainable Materials.