Corby Anderson

Meet CMI Researcher Corby Anderson

CMI researcher Dr. Corby Anderson has more than 34 years of global experience in industrial operations, management, engineering, design, consulting, teaching, research and professional service. His career includes positions with Morton Thiokol, Key Tronic Corporation, Sunshine Mining and Refining Company, H. A Simons Ltd. and at Montana Tech. He holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering and an MSc and PhD in Metallurgical Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

He holds 10 international patents covering six innovative new technologies along with five new patent applications. He currently serves as the Harrison Western Professor in the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy as part of the George S. Ansell Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. In 2009 he was honored by SME with the Milton E. Wadsworth Extractive Metallurgy Award for his contributions in hydrometallurgical research.

Currently, Dr. Anderson leads the CMI project "Recovery of Critical Materials as By-Products." Also, for CMI during its first five years, Dr. Anderson led a project on finding new sources of materials critical to clean energy.  His "Advanced Beneficiation Techniques" project was part of the focus area diversifying supply.

In 2015, he won the Distinguished Achievement Award from International Precious Metals Institute

In 2016, he was named to the University of Idaho Academy of Engineers