Meet CMI Researcher Bruce Moyer

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CMI focus area leader Bruce MoyerCMI researcher Bruce Moyer is the lead of Focus Area 1,  Diversifying Supply. In this role, he oversees projects that will expand the variety of source materials, increase processing efficiency, and find new uses for the abundant non-critical rare earths. To accomplish this task, Bruce draws upon his 34 years of experience in the field of separation science and technology, specializing in both fundamental and applied aspects of solvent extraction and ion exchange. His fundamental interests have involved the chemistry of molecular recognition to effect selective separations, which has led to important applications in the cleanup of nuclear waste. His signature achievement is the development of a chemical process for removing cesium from legacy Cold War nuclear waste, now implemented in the cleanup of millions of gallons of Savannah River Site tank waste.

Bruce’s numerous patents range from solvent extraction of cesium from nuclear-waste cleanup to supported liquid membrane systems and novel anion-exchange resins. He has received a number of awards, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellow, Council of Chemical Research Collaboration Award for Development and Implementation of High-Level Salt-Waste Processing Technology (team award); IR-100 Award in 2004 for A Highly Selective, Regenerable Perchlorate Treatment System; UT-Battelle Technical Achievement Award in 2000 for Contributions to the Development of Novel Resin Regeneration Techniques; three Lockheed Martin Research Corporation Achievement awards in 1999—Leadership Award, Development Award (novel bifunctional anion exchange resin), and Development Award (novel process for cesium separation from waste).

Dr. Moyer received his BS degree in chemistry summa cum laude from Duke University in 1974 and his PhD in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1979. Currently, he serves as co-Editor of the journal Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange and the book series Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction In 2008, Dr. Moyer served as the Technical Chair of the International Solvent Extraction Conference and Editor-in-Chief of the proceedings, and in 2011 he continued to serve as member of the Advisory Committee, Program Chair for Nuclear Separations, and co-Editor of the Proceedings.