Meet CMI Researcher Andriy Palasyuk

Andriy PalasyukAndriy Palasyuk is an Associate Scientist at Ames Laboratory. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry (2002) at Ivan Franko National University, working on phase equilibria, crystal structures and physical properties of rare earth intermetallic systems.

He continued building expertise as a solid state chemist and materials scientist in Germany and the United States during his post-doctoral appointments with professors Gerd Meyer, John Corbett and Gordon Miller, working on metallic salts to diamond-like gold-containing polar intermetallics and visible light photocatalytic oxides; their structures, properties and their reactions.

In 2012 he joined the group of the McCallum research group at Ames Laboratory and began work on magnetic materials, and has been a part of CMI magnet research since 2016. He leads the CMI project searching for new magnetic materials and more affordable domestic alternatives for the existing RE containing permanent magnets.