ferromagnetic materials characterization equipment at the Ames Laboratory

CMI Unique Facility: Ferromagnetic Materials Characterization Facility

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The Ferromagnetic Materials Characterization Facility is one of more than a dozen unique facilities developed by the Critical Materials Institute, an Energy Innovation Hub of the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • equipment in the ferromagnetic materials characterization facility at Ames LaboratoryIn the search for substitute materials to replace rare earths in permanent magnets, whenever promising materials are identified, either through theoretical predictions or combinatoric experiments, it is necessary to grow single-phase and single-crystal specimens for detailed testing.
  • CMI has established new facilities at the Ames Laboratory that provide crystal growth furnaces and high temperature magnetic property testing.
  • This facility supports the efforts to develop substitutes and crosscutting research, and also addresses the grand challenge of accelerating the discovery of new materials.
  • For more information, and to explore using the ferromagnetic materials characterization facility, please contact Paul Canfield at the Ames Laboratory, canfield@ameslab.gov or 515-294-6270.
ferromagnetic materials characterization equipment at the Ames Laboratory