CMI Project 3.3.16: Low temperature REE metal production

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Luis Diaz Aldana at Idaho National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Low temperature REE metal production"

This project aims to develop a feasible pathway to achieve the metal production of rare earth elements (REE) through low temperature electro deposition in non-aqueous electrolytes. The activities of the project involve synthesis, characterization, and assessment of the electrolyte system as well as alternatives to deliver the REE to the electro-deposition cell through the use of REE feed anodes. Hence, the electro-deposition process has the dual purpose of showing that not only can metal ions be selectively plated onto the cathode affecting a separation, but also that the material phase can be changed from ionic to metallic; thus, effectively accomplishing electroplating and possible REE species separation.

CMI technology developed in this project area won an R&D 100 Award in 2021, as described in these news stories:

CMI researchers working in this project include Abderrahman Atifi