CMI Project 2.1.13: Finite element modeling of magnetic and electrochemical systems

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Principal Researchers

Ikenna Nlebedim at Ames Laboratory leads the CMI project "Finite element modeling of magnetic and electrochemical systems"

Project Description: To bridge the gap between laboratory experiments and performance of materials in a system. It helps experimental efforts to see past properties measured in laboratories and understand the necessary optimizations for finding the market niche for materials developed, optimized or recycled in the CMI. As needed for a given material, the project incorporates different physics (e.g., magnetic, mechanical, and thermal) and their coupled interactions to determine the suitability of the material for any given application. The feedback from the project to experimental efforts is useful for engaging with potential industrial partners or technology licensees. Technology: Properties of materials developed by CMI will be obtained and modelled to determine system performance in critical applications where the materials are used. System design changes will be developed to take advantage of the material properties to enhance performance and/or reduce the use of critical materials.