Ramesh Bhave at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

CMI Project 3.3.14: Separation and recovery of Dy & Co from e-waste

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Ramesh Bhave at Idaho National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Separation and recovery of Dysprosium & Cobalt from e-waste"

Project Description: Recovery and separation of dysprosium from rare earth elements recovered from scrap magnets, and cobalt from spent lithium ion batteries, will be conducted using a supported membrane solvent extraction (MSX) process. After developing the separation methods, the effect of process conditions, such as type of extractant, type of extractant diluent, feed solution concentration, feed/strip pH, extractant composition, and feed/strip residence time, will be investigated to achieve high purity (>99%), recovery (>95%), and extraction rates for both dysprosium and cobalt recovery. Furthermore, the long-term stability studies of extractants used in MSX processes will also be carried out for process scale-up.

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