CMI Project 1.1.11: Lithium extraction and conversion from brines

Parans Paranthaman
Parans Paranthaman

Parans Paranthaman at Oak Ridge National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Lithium extraction and conversion from brines" 

Lithium has been identified as one of the near-critical elements and is essential for U.S. energy security. About 2 percent of U.S. production and heavy import reliance despite rapid domestic demand growth for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles provide impetus for CMI. The project is well poised to address the technology opportunities to increase lithium supply. The main goal is to work with potential industry partners and teams and enable a pre-commercial lithium plant in Salton Sea. Early-stage experiments on sorbent synthesis, structure, and characterization; forward-osmosis membrane to concentrate lithium chloride solution; and solvent extraction for lithium recovery and purification.

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