Ombuds Program

The Ames Laboratory Technology Partnership Ombuds program is to help resolve complaints from the public and industry regarding the policies and actions of Ames Laboratory with respect to technology partnerships (including CRADAs), patents owned by the contractor for inventions made at the laboratory, and technology licensing.

The Technology Partnership Ombuds will serve as the focal point for assisting the public and industry in resolving complaints and disputes with Ames Laboratory and promote the use of collaborative alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation to facilitate the speedy and low-cost resolution of complaints and disputes, when appropriate.

The Technology Partnership Ombuds will:

  • Serve as an impartial, confidential and independent third party.
  • Focus attention both upon the specific issues underlying an inquiry, as well as upon the broader spectrum of such issues.
  • Explore the range of existing options available for resolving the concerns, from a position outside of the existing Laboratory hierarchy and formally-established problem-resolution process.
  • Seek the resolution of these concerns without claiming ownership of any party’s issue(s) or responsibilities.

The Ombuds will NEITHER serve as an advocate for the Laboratory, NOR as an advocate for a company or other project partner. Though the Ombuds may assist in a problem-solving process, the ultimate ownership of the concerns, the process, and the ultimate resolution resides among the parties involved themselves.

The Ames Laboratory Technology Partnership Ombuds is Chelsey Aisenbrey.

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