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The USDOE Ames Laboratory is committed to developing and transferring technologies. Each year over the past decade, it has generated an average of 10 patents from DOE-supported research, and enters into about five technology license agreements and/or options. Collaborations between industry and the Ames Laboratory can help both parties meet their common technological objectives, while reducing development costs and risks. Knowing what to expect of a partnership with the Ames Laboratory can help both parties identify appropriate opportunities, negotiate agreements, and meet one another's expectations.

To view the Ames Lab 101: Technology Transfer video on the Importance of Technology Transfer please click here to view.

For more information on how you may work with the Laboratory, please read  "Doing Business with the Ames Laboratory".

What's New?

FLC Southeast Region Excellence in Technology Tranfer Award

Alex King, Director of the Critical Materials Institute, was one of the awardees of the 2017 FLC Southeast Region Excellence in Technology Tranfer Award.  Dr. King along with several members of the CMI member institutes won for their successful efforts in developing and commercializing a family of high performance aluminum cerium alloys.  The alloys are lighter, stronger, more heat-resistant, and cheaper to produce than any other currently available aluminum alloys.

AUTM 2018 Pitch & Play

New company creation and development has been an integral component of academic technology commercialization for decades. The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) will celebrate this mission-critical function through the AUTM Pitch & Play at the AUTM 2018 Annual Meeting, February 21, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

The AUTM 2018 Pitch & Play will include a business plan competition, where academic-affiliated startup companies pitch their business opportunity to a panel of seasoned venture investors for a $10,000 cash prize. The event will provide valuable experience and feedback to our startup finalists, and will be educational for meeting attendees, who will observe firsthand the most effective means of communicating with our venture partners. We hope you will join in by applying to be part of our competition. For more information, click here

LightMAT Call for Concept Papers

To accelerate innovation and adoption of new lightweighting technologies for on-highway vehicles, the LightMAT consortium is overseeing a directed funding assistance for interested industry partners to use unique materials capabilities at national laboratories.  There is an upcoming webinar regarding the opportunity on Tuesday, October 10, and concept papers are due on Monday, November 6, 2017.  For more information, see the LightMAT Direct Funding Assistance page.

FLC Mid-Continent Excellence in Technology Tranfer Award

Iver Anderson, David Byrd, Ross Anderson and Emma White of Ames Laboratory and Andy Heidloff and Joel Reiken, formerly of Ames Laboratory and now of Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. won the FLC Technology Transfer "Excellence in Technology Transfer" Award presented to Iver Anderson at the 2017 FLC Mid-Continent Region Meeting in August. For more information, please click here