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The USDOE Ames Laboratory is committed to developing and transferring technologies. Each year over the past decade, it has generated an average of 10 patents from DOE-supported research, and enters into about five technology license agreements and/or options. Collaborations between industry and the Ames Laboratory can help both parties meet their common technological objectives, while reducing development costs and risks. Knowing what to expect of a partnership with the Ames Laboratory can help both parties identify appropriate opportunities, negotiate agreements, and meet one another's expectations.

For an interview with the Associate Laboratory Director for Sponsored Research Administration on the Importance of Technology Transfer please click here to view.

For more information on how you may work with the Laboratory, please read  "Doing Business with the Ames Laboratory".

What's New?

DOE Guidance on Indirect Rates for SBIR/STTR Grants


Wed, Sep 2, 2015


03:00 PM EDT


1 hour 30 minutes


DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office

Listen in as DOE contract specialists highlight key factors in developing indirect rates for DOE SBIR/STTR grant proposals. In this webinar, you will hear more on cost principles, data and information requirements.  You will be provided with real world examples and better understand the techniques used in developing your project indirect rate. Click here to register.

June 18, 2015

Iowa State makes list of universities receiving most U.S. patents Iowa State ranked 70th in the world among universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2014. The report is based on data  obtained from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Click here for more information.

June 11, 2015

UNI Partners with ISU to Commercialize More Inventions

Officials at two of Iowa's public universities say a new intellectual property agreement between the schools will create new opportunities for commercializing inventions created on campus. For full article, click here.

June 1, 2015


Plan to attend this exciting FREE event, with three days of activities (July 13-15, 2015) for innovators and entrepreneurs pursuing SBIR/STTR funding opportunities. This conference is part of the national SBIR Road Tour, an outreach effort to convey funding opportunities provided through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Federal and state program managers have been invited to attend a series of events alongside technology entrepreneurs and innovation supporters from across the United States.  Information can be found at:

April 21, 2015


The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has issued a call for the National Laboratories to participate in a "Technologists in Residence" pilot program.  All DOE National Laboratories are eligible to apply.  Each proposal submitted must identify a specific Industry Partner.  Proposals are due 5pm ET on June 21, 2015

The TIR pilot will be a competitive selection of pairs of senior technical staff from the National Laboratory and the Industry partner who will work together for a period of 18-24 months.   The key elements of the TIR pilot are:

1) Identify the technical priorities of the manufacturing company and the capabilities and resources of DOE National Laboatories most suitable to address them;

2) Develop an agreement between the National Laboratory and the industry partner that includes the specific scopes of work for collaboratiave R&D to address the identified priorities; and

3) Finalize a plan for continued collaborative R&D beyond the TIR pilot, NOT using TIR pilot funds.

Ames Laboratory is looking for partners to participate in the proposal submissions where the industry partner has an interest in areas of research pertinent to Ames Laboratory.  Included in this would be rare-earth elements, powder metallurgy, catalysts, new metal materials; biofuels; magnets; metamaterials; magnetocaloric materials; and additive manufacturing.

ANTICIPATED FUNDING per project is $400,000. 

COST SHARE: The Industry partner will be required to provide a one-one or greater cost match of the DOE funds to help support the salary and travel of the Lab Technologist plus 100% of the Industry Technologist's effort. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: More information is available at

If you want more information about Ames Laboratoary or are interested in submitting a proposal to this call with Ames Laboratory, please contact either Deb Covey,, 515-294-1048 or Stacy Joiner,, 515-294-5932.

January 1, 2015

Effective January 1, 2015, Work for Others (WFO) will now be referred to as Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP).  This change is the result of a new policy issued and approved by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  This is not a retroactive name change; all existing proposals and work in progress will continue to move forward with the existing WFO wording. The name change was prompted by DOE to reflect the strategic nature of its National Laboratories work for industry, universities, other federal agencies, state and local institutions, and/or foreign entities. 

December 18, 2014

The USDoE Ames Laboratory is engaged in an innovative program of education and outreach with Oklahoma University (OU) and its Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW).

The most recent project in this program links: the USDoE Ames Laboratory Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA), the University of Oklahoma’s Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW), and Iowa State University’s Office of Intellectual Property Licensing Office (ISURF), in a technology commercialization study that addressed the commercial potential of  Dr. Ryan Ott’s innovative rare earth recycling process.

To learn more and watch the presentation, click here.

October 1, 2014

As some of you may or may not know, the Office of Research Opportunities (ORO) has now instituted an electronic pre-proposal (E-PPF) system to route new pre-proposal forms (PPF). The electronic PPF mimics the paper copy that has been previously in use and will be used to route all your out-of-cycle proposals for all reviews and approval from the Principle Investigators, Division/Program Director, ESH&A, Export Control, Program Directors, Associate Laboratory Director, and the Deputy Director. Please click here to learn more about the Electronic PPF.

To see our Archived News, click here.


Did you know...

Ames Laboratory technologies provide economic contribution to the world...

Ames Laboratory puts our science into action by deploying technologies through licensing innovations developed by Ames Lab scientists. In 2013, Ames Laboratory inventions provided an estimated economic contribution of $610 million, representing $16 of economic activity for every dollar of the Ames Laboratory's $39 million annual budget.

Lead-free solder invention participated in celebrating Cy's 60th Birthday...

Please click here to learn more.

Website Lists Questionable Open-Access Journals, Publishers...

Wondering if an open-access scholarly publisher or journal is on the up-and-up? Jeffrey Beall, a librarian and associate professor at the University of Colorado-Denver, keeps a list of dubious journals and publishers at his website, Scholarly Open Access.

America Invents Act Overhauls the Patent System...

Beginning March 16, 2013, the US will convert to a "First Inventor to file" system under the America Invents Act.  Information on the implementation of the AIA can be found on the US Patent and Trademark Offices' website.  For a powerpoint presentation overview of the AIA, click here Brian Lally, our DOE Patent Counsel, presented a Seminar on the Act, on February 26, 2013. A copy of the presentation can be found here and on our Tech Transfer and IP Training Opportunities page.

Want to assess your Intellectual Property awareness?  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has an assessment available on their website at  Try it today!

Way to Connect...

Initial contact with many of our Partners is made through our scientist networking at conferences.  The IASourceLink, the premier online resource connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses to more than 300 resource providers across Iowa, has 7 tips for successful networking.