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Innovation Partnerships Program

The USDOE Ames Laboratory is committed to developing and transferring technologies. Each year over the past decade, it has generated an average of 10 patents from DOE-supported research, and enters into about five technology license agreements and/or options. Collaborations between industry and the Ames Laboratory can help both parties meet their common technological objectives, while reducing development costs and risks. Knowing what to expect of a partnership with the Ames Laboratory can help both parties identify appropriate opportunities, negotiate agreements, and meet one another's expectations.

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What's New?

ISU to Host World Intellectual Property Day

Spring 2019 Solicitation for HPC4EI

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation (HPC4EI) Program issued its second joint solicitation, covering the High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) High Performance Computing for Materials (HPC4Mtls), and High Performance Computing for Mobility (HPC4Mobility) Programs.

This joint solicitation will mark the eighth solicitation for the HPC4Mfg Program, the third for the HPC4Mtls Program, and the first for the HPC4Mobility Program. The HPC4Mfg and HPC4Mtls will be funded with support from the Office of Fossil Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, Vehicle Technologies Office, and Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

This initial HPC4Mobility offering from the HPC4EI Program is supported by the Vehicle Technologies Office. HPC4EI programs are designed to spur the use of national lab supercomputing resources and expertise to advance innovation in energy-efficient manufacturing, new materials that will enable advanced energy technologies, and energy efficiency increases in mobility systems.

In this solicitation, we are seeking qualified industry partners to participate in short-term, collaborative projects with the DOE’s national laboratories. Selected industry partners will be granted access to high performance computing (HPC) facilities and experienced staff at DOE’s national laboratories. The collaborations will address key challenges in U.S. manufacturing and material development by applying modeling, simulation, and data analysis to relevant problems with the intent to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity, reduce cycle time, enable next-generation technologies, test control system algorithms, investigate intensified processes, lower energy cost, and accelerate innovation. With the introduction of HPC4Mobility, the program will expand its outreach to industry to improve discovery, design, and development of energy efficient mobility systems.

Eligibility for the HPC4Mfg and HPC4Mtls programs is limited to entities that manufacture or develop products in the United States for commercial applications and the organizations that support them. Relevant government entities are eligible to receive awards from the HPC4Mobility Program only. Selected demonstration projects will be awarded up to $300,000 to support compute cycles and work performed by the national lab partners. The industry partner must provide a participant contribution of at least 20% of the DOE funding for the project.

CALL FOR WHITE PAPERS: Directed Funding Assistance for Collaborationw ith National Laboratories

To accelerate innovation and adoption of new lightweighting technologies for on-highway vehicles, the LightMAT consortium is overseeing a directed funding assistance for interested industry partners to use unique materials capabilities at national laboratories.

Directed Funding assistance allows industry to identify a specific vehicle structure or powertrain component(s) that would directly benefit from an advanced materials or manufacturing process to enable significant weight reduction.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Phase II - Notice of Funding Opportunity (DE-FOA-0001976)

The Department of Energy (DOE) encourages you to register in all systems as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to submit letters of intent and applications well before the deadline.Submission deadline is April 23, 2019.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Phase I - Notice of Funding Opportunity (2019-NIST-SBIR-01)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's SBIR program solicits R&D proposals from small businesses that respond to specific technical needs described in the subtopics of the annual Solicitation. Information regarding the subtopics will be made available only via the Solicitation. Opportunity closes April 19, 2019.

Iowa State University I-Corps is now accepted applications for the Spring 2019 Cohort
Please fill out the FORM to apply to be a part of the cohort. I-Corps Sites act as a training ground for faculty, postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students to learn how to increase the impact of their research by exploring the commercial potential of their research and technology.

Technologist in Residence (TIR) Program
DOE is currently accepting applications for the third cohort of the TIR Program. All DOE national laboratories are eligible to apply for funding. DOE anticipates awarding five laboratories with up to $350,000 in funding per selectee. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funds expire, with a final deadline of May 20, 2019. Download the Laboratory Call for Proposals here:

Technologist in Residence Program Laboratory Call for Proposals 2018/2019
Interested industry partners are encouraged to contact Eli Levine at Eli.Levine@EE.Doe.Gov with questions and to help connect with a national laboratory with whom to partner and apply for this opportunity.