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Innovation Partnerships Program

The USDOE Ames Laboratory is committed to developing and transferring technologies. Each year over the past decade, it has generated an average of 10 patents from DOE-supported research, and enters into about five technology license agreements and/or options. Collaborations between industry and the Ames Laboratory can help both parties meet their common technological objectives, while reducing development costs and risks. Knowing what to expect of a partnership with the Ames Laboratory can help both parties identify appropriate opportunities, negotiate agreements, and meet one another's expectations.

To view the Ames Lab 101: Technology Transfer video on the Importance of Technology Transfer please click here to view.

For more information on how you may work with the Laboratory, please read  "Doing Business with the Ames Laboratory".

What's New?

Defense Innovation Challenge

You are now joining the Defense TechConnect Innovation prospecting platform. If selected, the information you provide will qualify your technology for a showcase / demonstration opportunity. Top selected technologies will receive a TechConnect Defense Innovation Award and Pitch Presentation. 
(Submission is free. If selected: display-fee is $1250 which includes one full registration, showcase space, inclusion in TechConnect Innovation Networking System and Defense Innovation Opportunity Report). Submissions are due June 29, 2018. 

Call for White Papers: Directed Funding Assistance for Collaboration with National Laboratories

To accelerate innovation and adoption of new lightweighting technologies for on-highway vehicles, LightMAT is releasing its third-round opportunity for directed funding assistance (DFA). Interested industry partners wanting to collaborate with research experts and leverage unique materials capabilities at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories are encouraged to apply. Interested organizations are encouraged to prioritize and submit white papers addressing the most pressing lightweighting challenges and associated research needs. To apply, industry applicants are asked to submit a concept white paper identifying a technical materials challenge that is impeding progress towards vehicle lightweighting as well as the LightMAT capabilities that can assist in accelerating the development of solutions. All submissions should be no more than six pages in length and should succinctly describe the technical problem, the approach to developing a solution, what LightMAT capabilities are needed, why DOE resources are necessary, and the impact anticipated towards vehicle lightweighting goals.

White papers will be accepted through July 31, 2018 (5pm ET).  

Technologist in Residence (TIR) Program

DOE is currently accepting applications for the third cohort of the TIR Program. All DOE national laboratories are eligible to apply for funding. DOE anticipates awarding five laboratories with up to $350,000 in funding per selectee. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funds expire, with a final deadline of May 20, 2019. Download the Laboratory Call for Proposals here:

Technologist in Residence Program Laboratory Call for Proposals 2018/2019

Interested industry partners are encouraged to contact Eli Levine at Eli.Levine@EE.Doe.Gov with questions and to help connect with a national laboratory with whom to partner and apply for this opportunity.

2018 LAUNCH Innovation Challenge:


Do you believe your innovative business model, platform, tool or technology will:

  • provide customers with new and better servicesbenefits and experiences through circular business models?
  • make it much more convenientvaluable, and accessible for customers and companies to repair, reuse, resell and recycle products?
  • make it the norm to accessshare or rent, instead of owning?

Or you can you surprise us with something completely different that will make sustainable lifestyles a reality? Submit here before September 1st, 2018.