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Feature Stories

  • Diamonds have the reputation as flawless, sparkling gems. In scientific applications, their hardness is used to test the highest pressure levels. But researchers at the Ames Laboratory plan to exploit defects in diamond's crystal structure, known as nitrogen vacancy centers, to build a device that will give them the ability to visualize magnetic fields produced by magnetic nanostructures. (05/07/14)

  • Ames Laboratory's Materials Preparation Center is THE source for the highest purity rare earth samples on the face of the Earth. Check out this graphic to find out which rare earths are the most popular menu items at the MPC. (04/01/14)

  • One thing Andreja Bakac knows about her 37 years as a chemist -- it has been beautiful.

    "There is a lot of beauty to chemistry, the kind that anyone can appreciate. You don't have to be a scientist to see it," she said, reflecting on her career as an Ames Laboratory scientist. (03/25/14)

  • Igor Slowing, a scientist at the Ames Laboratory and adjunct professor of chemistry at Iowa State University, keeps a genealogy tree on the wall of his office--with names, dates, and pictures.

    Only it's not family history; it's academic heritage. (02/25/14)

  • Students participating in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI), Community College Internship (CCI) and Faculty and Student Teams (FAST) programs at Ames Laboratory are using that hands-on laboratory research experience to advance their careers. Find out how! (02/20/14)