Ways to Partner with Us

Through our Innovation Partnerships Program, we can work with a wide variety of partners in a multitude of ways to help develop new technologies or improve existing ones.

Ames National Laboratory has a portfolio of technologies available for licensing. As Ames Lab's Intellectual Prop­erty rights may be retained by Iowa State University, under a contractual mechanism known as privately funded technology transfer, ISU performs pat­enting and licensing activities on be­half of Ames Laboratory. Through our technology transfer mechanisms, below, we can provide additional support to the licensee to help further the technology, or to possibly find new applications for a licensed technology.

Cooperative Research & Development Agreements (CRADA)

CRADAs enable Ames Laboratory and one or more partners (usually from industry or academia) to collaborate, share costs and pool the results of a particular R&D program.

Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP)

SPP project plans are usually specified by the external partner(s), and the execution of the work is performed by technically qualified Laboratory staff using Laboratory facilities. SPP was formerly known as Work for Others (WFO).

Technical Service Agreement (TSA)


A TSA facilitates small, short time-framed projects for a partner that does not involve research.

Personnel Exchange Program


These programs provide opportunities for visiting professionals from industry or universities to participate in established research studies at Ames Laboratory, usually for periods of six months to one year in duration.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)


An NDA is a legal contract creating a confidential relationship between Ames Laboratory and the Industrial Partner(s).

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)


MTAs are used to transfer materials, biological or non-biological, between institutions from all sectors of the scientific community.