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CMI Project 3.1.11: Li, Co & PGM recovery from Li-ion batteries and e-waste

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Tedd Lister and Luis Diaz-Aldana at Idaho National Laboratory conduct research on recovery rare earths and precious metals. Their work has led to a Federal Laboratory Consortium Far West Region award, an Idaho Innovation Award for Early-Stage Innovation of the Year, and to a Small Business Voucher (SBV) pilot from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Tedd Lister at Idaho National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Li, Co & PGM recovery from Li-ion batteries and e-waste"

Project Description: Addresses recovery of critical elements from electronic scrap and spent Li ion batteries (LIB). Processes being developed are integrated into flow sheets backed by economic modeling to ensure economic viability. Task 1 seeks to develop chemical extractions chemistry for recovering cobalt as well as valuable transition metals using new and commercial extraction agents. Task 2 develops methods to dissolve cathode metals from LIB, selectively extract lithium and recover graphite. Task 3 targets scrap electronics possessing platinum group elements and rare earth elements. Collectively, these tasks are working with industry to develop solutions to take to the next level.