Diversity and Inclusion

As one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories, Ames National Laboratory is committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its workforce. We are the only DOE national laboratory physically located on the campus of a major research university and that close bond with our contractor is a vital part of the culture here. We value the collaborations we have with groups across campus and students are a crucial part of our workforce.

The figures below reflect Ames Laboratory’s absolute employee and cumulative student population as of 09/30/2022 by percent and job category which totaled 486 employees and students. Workforce demographics for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories can be found here.






race and ethnicity table


Categories with small numbers of employees are expressed as a less than (<) percentage so that no employees are individually identifiable in this published information.

Senior Leaders: Executive Leadership, directors

Technical Leaders: Research/development scientific and engineering managers

Operations/Research Support Leaders: Professional, administrative, and technical managers

Research Staff: Research/development scientists and engineers

Operations/Research Support Staff: Professional, administrative, and technical/engineers


Download the PDF: Ames National Laboratory Workforce Demographic Trends (FY 2016-2022)